Our Story ~ From the Mouths of Babes. . .

Meet the inspiration for The Nuggle Blanket Company. As my daughter was approaching her first birthday she became very attached to a small security blanket. We often referred to the little blanket at her "snuggle" blanket. As she began to talk she couldn't quite say "snuggle" and instead began calling her blanket "nuggle." When I had the opportunity to start my own business, The Nuggle Blanket Company seemed the obvious choice for the company name.


Now, 18 years later, my inspiration is a teenager and driving! I love my job and am still handcrafting each Nuggle Blanket when I receive your order, making each one a very special keepsake for your child. I search high and low for unique and visually stimulating prints that will be interesting to little eyes. The 100% cotton flannel is very soft and cuddly and the satin is the perfect texture and weight for little fingers to rub, rub, rub!


I hope you'll find our collection of Nuggles to be the perfect choice to bring years of comfort and security to the child in your life. I love to hear from our customers, please contact me personally if you have any questions about our products or company.


Warm Regards,